Our Projects

Each house is tailored to the customer

Most customers appreciate the ability to change the appearance of the facade and personalize the division of rooms.

  • Quick implementation and design of the house as you want

  • Elevation adapted to the development in a given area

  • Turnkey finish as well

Model TG56

Realization Model TG56

House built in the main production plant, order included construction of foundations, house, terrace and interior finishing.

Models 3x GX35

Connected 3 houses with a total building area of 105m2. Implementation with the facade changed to facade panels.

Realization Model TF70

Simple shape and classic plaster facade, decorated with a darker detail according to the customer's requirements.

Design without changes

Deciding on our offer, without making any changes, you will receive a house exactly as shown in the visualization

Customers opinions

What counts for us is the quality and customer satisfaction with the service. By building with Hausformator, you avoid the stress and problems associated with traditional construction.

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